CQI-9 Heat Treat System Assessment

Significance and Application of CQI-9 Heat Treatment System Assessment

The North American automotive association AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group) is publisher of the CQI standards (Continuous Quality Improvement). CQI-9 Heat Treatment System Assessment is a self-assessment of the heat treatment system and must be carried out at least once a year.
This standard is an appendix to IATF 16949 under „customer-specific requirements“ and is valid for all automotive suppliers globally that have entered into a contractual agreement regarding purchasing, supply and quality throughout the supply chain.
As a long standing member of the AIAG, TopQM-Systems already specialized early on in the introduction, development and qualification of employees, as well as auditor training according to the rules of the AIAG for CQI-9 heat treatment processes in the European and global automotive supplier markets.


The new AIAG CQI-9 4th Edition Heat Treat System Assessment now published

Now the time has come, the release of the new AIAG CQI-9 4th Edition was officially announced on 10.06.2020 and can be
purchased > Here Initially only in the format as an E-document, at a later time as a print version and editable Excel audit checklist.
We already downloaded and tried the E-document. We recommend waiting for the print version and invite you to a two language (german/en.) online presentation on the new CQI-9.



New CQI-9  4.Edition Heat Treat System Assessment  – free download-

Exclusively for our customers, we have put together a compilation of the most important changes and an overview of the current process tables for you to download free of charge from our homepage.

» Here are our online seminars and open seminars on the new CQI-9 4th edition

P.S. overwhelming response to our 6x free online lectures by our CQI-9 experts, further CQI-9 highlights are planned - we will keep you informed!


AIAG CQI audits for "Special Processes"  - also possible as remote audits

TopQM-Systems has been conducting on-site audits as well as "remote audits" for your location, but also for your suppliers, for several years now. Long-standing qualified and experienced TopQM CQI auditors are available to you on site in Germany and Europe, but also worldwide. Especially in these uncertain times, we are a reliable partner both on site and via remote audit, use our global expert audit team.

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The new CQI-9, 4.Edition 2020 - TopQM Upgrade Seminar with Certificate


We at TopQM-Systems offer an online upgrade seminar on all changes in German or English. With the training you will receive a en. Original CQI-9 including a participant certificate. Dates and prices will be announced.

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CQI Audit Service

We are also happy to carry out CQI audits for you at any time, with our experienced TopQM CQI auditor team in your company, your other locations or at your suppliers worldwide. The audit report is available including the findings, the individual audit questions, the cover page and  the job audit as well as the CQI process tables on request in German or in English as PDF.




Structure, Content and Elements of the CQI-9 Questionnaire

  • Cover Sheet

Basic data of the heat treatment organization
Audited areas according to the respective CQI-9 process table
Contact data (auditor, company, participants)
Results of the CQI audit

  • Audit Elements Paragraphs 1-3

Paragraph 1: Management responsibility and quality planning
Paragraph 2: Responsibility for material flow and material handling
Paragraph 3: Heat treatment facility and equipment
Paragraph 3.15: Additional questions concerning induction heat treatment

  • Job Audit Paragraph 4

Header and basic data concerning the audited product
Questions concerning the process flow
Customer-specific requirements concerning the product
Operator and quality responsibility
Packaging requirements
Transport requirements

Process Tables of the CQI-9 Heat Treat System Assessment

  • Process Table A

Carbon restoration
Neutral hardening
Precipitation hardening / aging

  • Process Table B

Nitriding (Gas)
Ferritic-Nitrocarburizing (Gas or Salt)

  • Process Table C

Aluminium Heat Treatment

  • Process Table D

Induction Heat Treatment

  • Process Table E

Stress Relieving

  • Process Table F

Low Pressure Carburizing

  • Process Table G

Sinter Hardening

  • Process Table H

Ion Nitriding

  • Process Table I

Dry Contact Press Hardening


TopQM-Systems Global CQI-9 Service

  • We conduct CQI process audits in your company and at your locations
  • We conduct CQI process audits at your external heat treatment suppliers
  • Training as „CQI-9 auditor“ according to the rules of AIAG auditor qualification, incl. seminar documentation, examination and issuing of certificates
  • As an official training partner of AIAG, we offer licensed CQI-training modules (Understanding AIAG CQI Self Assessment) and CQI basic knowledge.

  • Certification support to ISO TS 16949 (IATF 16949)
  • CQI-FMEA Training (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis)


TopQM-Systems already conducts AIAG CQI process audits for well-known automotive companies as well as in-house training througout the supply chain. Make use of our special know-how and contact us for your consultation interview or for an individual, detailed service offer at no charge and without obligation.

Examples of TopQM-Systems projects and references for CQI audits and CQI auditor training (extract):

  • Robert Bosch
  • BMW
  • Advaltech
  • Opel
  • SKF
  • Doduco
  • Ejot
  • Kern Liebers
  • GKN
  • IMS Gear
  • Autoliv
  • Lear
  • Styner und Bienz... and many more

We shall gladly provide you with a contact person and contact data for the above-mentioned project and reference examples upon request.