CQI-27 Casting System Assessement

The North American automotive association AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group) is the publisher of the CQI-Standards (“CQI” =Continuous Quality Improvement). Developed by AIAG's OEM and Supplier members, the goal of the Casting System Assessment is the development of a robust casting process that eliminates common root causes of casting defects.

The CQI-27 Special Process: Casting System Assessment 2nd edition provides requirements for foundry suppliers of OEM automotive castings. It is a collective effort by OEM and Tier 1 customers to create common process requirements for foundries, requirements which our shared experiences tell us will benefit the foundry industry for their OEM automotive customers.  The objective is to have robust processes which minimize the risk of casting defects in automotive applications.

CQI-27 has been substantially revised based upon feedback from users of the 1st Edition.

Enhancements in the 2nd Edition include:

  • Tables with similar requirements have been consolidated.
  • Tables added to cover more casting processes.
  • More process content has been added.
  • Unclear wording from the 1st Edition has been revised.
  • Greater emphasis has been placed on content generally regarded as mandatory.
  • Greater emphasis placed on deviations must be authorized by customer Product Engineering.
  • Unused Columns, Rows, and Sheets are Not Protected in order to allow common Excel editing.

For an OEM, discussions with the foundries about expectations for full CQI-27 compliance will concentrate resources on specific subjects which are often the root cause for castings which fail to meet Product Engineering requirements. 

For a foundry, full compliance with CQI-27 is similar to reducing the RPNs on a PFMEA — the lower the RPN values, the less likely that customers will receive bad parts. Some of the requirements are defect prevention, and some are reduction of variation. All benefit quality metrics. 


CQI-27 Casting System Assessment Process Tables

  • Process Table A

Ductile Iron

  • Process Table B

Grey Iron

  • Process Table C

Centrifugal Liners

  • Process Table D

Aluminium Semi-Permanent Mold

  • Process Table E

Aluminium Semi-Permanent Mold Cylinder Heads

  • Process Table F

Aluminium Green Sand

  • Process Table G

Investment Casting (Iron/ Steel)

  • Process Table H

Aluminium High Pressure Die Cast

  • Process Table I

Magnesium High Pressure Die Cast

  • Process Table J

Aluminium Permanent Mold

  • Process Table K

Aluminium Piston

  • Process Table L

Zinc High Pressure Die Cast

  • Process Table M

Compacted Graphite Iron


TopQM-Systems worldwide CQI-27 Service

  • Conducting of CQI process audits and audit reporting in your company and at your locations
  • Conducting of CQI process audits at your external service providers
  • Training of „CQI-27 Auditors“ according to AIAG auditor qualification rules,  incl. seminar documentation, exam and issuing of certificates
  • As an official training partner of the AIAG, we offer licensed CQI-training modules (Understanding AIAG CQI Self-Assessment) and CQI basic knowledge.
  • CQI-FMEA training (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis)
  • Integration of the „CQI Self-Assessment“ in your QM system and your process audits
  • Certification support per ISO 9001 and  ISO TS 16949 (IATF 16949)

TopQM-Systems has already been conducting AIAG CQI process audits for well-known automotive manufacturers, in addition to CQI auditor training and In-house training in the entire supply chain.
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TopQM-Systems project- and reference examples for conducting of CQI audits and CQI auditor training (Excerpt):


  • Robert Bosch
  • BMW
  • Advaltech
  • Opel
  • SKF
  • Doduco
  • Ejot
  • Kern Liebers
  • GKN
  • IMS Gear
  • Autoliv
  • Lear
  • Styner und Bienz
  • Various other customers...

Upon request, we will be more than happy to provide you with contact names and contact data for the mentioned  project- and reference examples.